Do you want to book more auditions?


An Actor's Guide To Auditioning

By Pedro Miguel Arce


IN THE ROOM is a comprehensive and personal guide for actors on how to have a successful audition and book the job. This is a must read for anyone looking to break into the acting profession and the perfect refresher for those who have more experience on the auditions circuit.


Step inside audition rooms in Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal and gain insights from someone who has experience on both sides of the table. Learn how to make your self stand out as a professional and feel confident that you’re putting your best foot forward.


About the Author:


Pedro Miguel Arce has appeared in over 20 TV shows including How I met Your Mother, CSI:Miami, Las Vegas, Flashpoint, Lost Girl, and Guillermo Del Toro's The Strain, 20 television commercials including: A&W, Dell Computers, Labatt’s Blue, Kudo, 3 Mobil (Asia) Poker Lotto and Mitsubishi, and over  a dozen feature films like; George A. Romero’s Land Of The Dead, Get Rich Or Die Trying, Are We Done Yet, Please Kill Mr. Know It All, and most recently, Mortal Instruments - City of Bones


Pedro honed his acting skills by training in Los Angeles at the Berg Institute, in Toronto with EVN Studios and also trained in The Second City where he developed some of his improvisation skills.




"If I could write a letter and send it back in time, I would send this to myself when I started my career as an actor. Learn from the mistakes I've made along the way."

Pedro Miguel Arce